Saturday, March 7, 2009

Its all Mistra's fault....

Lightroom.....what an amazing program!!

Its all Mistra's fault, she got me interested in the program on my last visit to W.A and now all I can say is I am hooked!!! The things you can do to pictures is I want to change all my pictures hehehe!!!

I am supposed to be scrapping the weekend away, but after quite a few hours of playing, I now can not decide what pictures to scrap...they all look so different and I can't make a decision!!

So to prove that I have been having some "ME" time, here is one of my all time favourite pictures of the girls. I have already scrapped this picture, but after playing in lightroom, I think it calls for another appearence on a layout!!

Before Lightroom.

After Lightroom.

Anyhow thats all for today...will be back later on to post some layouts that I have done so until then, take care and happy scrapping

Karen xxx


Mistra Hoolahan said...

Yeah.... you still loves me though!! Nothing like Mistra sharing her addictions!!

Karen said...

Yeah I still loves ya!! Just make sure that next time you get a new don't tell me rofl!!

Trisha said...

Oh Karen, how fun! I love the look of the edited photo...oooh, and such little cuties!!!