Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Running hot with "MOJO"

September seems to have bought a new lease of life for the "Mojo". With the kids on school holidays I have not been restricted to the daily rountine of running here, running there, doing this and doing that!!

But what I have been able to accomplish is some sleepless nights where the "mojo" kicks in and I end up creating some materpieces that I am totally in love with. My MaDscraps DT kit has been the biggest blessing this month, it has allowed my creativity to go beyond the boundaries of where I have ever dared go before.

So here are a few sneak peaks of what is upcoming in the next MaDscraps newsletter.

Until next time, thanks for looking and happy scrapping.
Karen xxx

Monday, September 22, 2008

My Little Village....Houses 1 & 2

My new found "little" passion....OTP Houses!! I am having so much fun making these and I have realised that the possibilities are endless with what you can do with them.

It all started while in WA when a visit to a couple of Mistra's local scrap shops got me hooked. The display of houses in both shops were just beautiful. So armed with all the supplies I needed I decided that I had to make some. So here is house 1 & 2.....the first of my little village. Keep your eyes peeled as more will be on display very soon.

Until next time, thanks for looking and happy scrapping.
Karen xx

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Scrap Witch Cyber Crop Layouts - September 2008

Another great weekend of Cyber Cropping at Scrap Witch and I managed to complete all 4 challenges!! Although I completed the first 2 layouts on the Saturday without much drama, the Sunday was a day where I almost lost all my hair from the challenges that Jill set.

Referred to as Scrap Guinea Pigs for challenge #3 on the Sunday gave me the inspiration I needed to write a blog enrty for Aussie Scrapbooking. Keep your eyes open for when this story is featured. Anyhow here are the 4 layouts from the weekend!!

Challenge #1 - Little Roo

Challenge #2 - First Day Of School

Challenge #3 - Bring Home Reader

Challenge #4 - Ratbags 1 & 2
Now I think that is everything I had to share......3 posts today so I better leave what layouts or pictures I do have to share for another day.
Until next time, take care and thanks for looking.
Karen xxx

Couple of Pictures to share!!

A couple of holiday snaps that I wanted to share. Catching up with Jules, Nes and meeting Chrissy for the first time was fantastic. Although we chatter via the cyber world, meeting and seeing IRL (in real life) makes me realise that I have meet some of the most beautiful and amazing ladies. I am truely blessed for having them as part of my life.

Mistra and Myself - Outside Alfreds

Mistra, Nes & Myself - Scrap Witch Girls

Me scrapping at Tomorrow's Memories

Mistra, Jules, Chrissy & Myself

Anyow just a quick post to share these pics with you all!!
Karen xxx

A little more to share from my W.A trip!!

Finding the time to catch up on here lately is proving to be harder than what I imagined. With so much that has been happening since my return sitting down to organise pictures etc, to show you has been a task that takes longer than a spare 5 minutes.

So what has been happening since I got back........well where do I start?? Maybe with the Monday while I was still enjoying my holiday with Mistra......I received a phone call from Mick to say that Kai (LM) had been in hospital.....OMG here I am on the other side of the country and I was completely helpless. He took a major stack while out for dinner at McDonalds!! Bashing his left eye socket on the table earned him the joyful trip to Hospital and a plastic surgery consult.

So I returned on the Wednesday morning.....bright and early and ready for a trip to the hospital with Mick & Kai as his eye required plastic surgery. So to cut a long story short......approx 10 stitches inside with 6 on the outside. Talk about can't go away for 5 minutes without a drama happening!!

So back into routine here and catching up with some special peoples like Selena (who by the way I missed terribly), Angel and a couple of others, life is pretty much back to other words "NEVER A DULL MOMENT"!!!

Here is another project that I completed while in W.A. Its a clear acrylic album that I made for Mick for Fathers Day. It contains some special everyday moments from this year and I just wanted to highlight a few of them for him on Fathers Day!!

Front Cover

Inside Front Cover

I also wanted to share this picture below of the amazing scrap space of MaDscraps!! An 8 seater boardroom table to spread as far as we both could, Mistra and I managed to take up 3/4 of it. It was fantastic to have so much space and not have to worry about packing up in case of the kids getting into everything.......makes my scrap space look rather small hehehe!!

Anyhow until next time.....which will most probably be next week while the kids are on School Holidays, and talking of holidays.......April Himing if you read this before you leave for your Gold Coast holiday, enjoy have a great time and make sure you check out all the local Scrap Shops for me!!!
Thanks for looking and until next time, happy scrapping
Karen xxx

Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm Back

I'm back......made it home safely on Wednesday morning, and feel as though I could have stayed longer, but reality was here and it welcomed me back with a few drama's!!! I need more than a few minutes to go into full detail, but I'm sure that I will manage to post all the details a little later.

Anyhow I had the most wonderful time with Mistra and have a few minutes to quickly share a little project I completed. I think I have found my calling.......I have this new obsession for OTP houses. A little weird it may seem, but making this house for the MIL's birthday has opened so many new doors into the OTP paper craft world.