Monday, October 19, 2009

I've been published....

I am soooo excited to announce that I have finally been published....

After years of submitting work to Scrapbooking Memories, it was only by chance that I sent this layout through.
With $$ being tight, I did not have enough money to purchase the current magazine, so I thought I would get my mag fix via the Internet. While browsing the web site I thought hmmm I wonder what submission themes they are asking for?? As luck would have it, I had a layout that fitted one of the themes so I thought why not....
After thinking nothing more about it, it wasn't until I got an email back asking for the layout to be sent to Sydney for further consideration.
With the layout carefully package, I sent it off and waited, and waited, and waited!! After about 6 weeks the layout was returned to me and again...nothing!!
So I thought oh well, maybe one day I would make the mag....but then that exciting email reached me saying....We are pleased to inform you that your layout will be published (insert happy dance here).

So here is the front cover of the issue that my layout is in....whats even better is that the current issue is the Scrapbooking for a Cause issue (breast cancer). Its on sale for 3 months, so make sure you grab a copy as 10c from every copy sold is being donated to this wonderful cause.

Here is my layout with my name....(I am sooo excited they spelt it right)

Caitlan was soooo excited to see her picture in the mag, she is even taking the original layout to school with the mag for show and tell.
I have to admit that being published is one of my proudest scrapping moments!!!

Onto a couple of layouts that I wish to share. Firstly I managed to scrap those gorgeous pics I had of Caitlan and Grace. The journaling was sooo hard. I have attached a journal card to the back of the layout as it turned out to be more of a letter to Grace than it being what the photos were about.

Through the eyes of a child with Autism.

This next layout is another one that I managed to pull together over the weekend for a challenge at Home & Scrapped. I love these pics of my gorgeous girls and just had to play with them in lightroom....then scrap them!!

Girls I love u both!!

Anyhow that's all for now, kids need some dinner.
until next time take care of you and happy scrapping.
Mwah Karen xox

My week of madness.....

What a week.....

From the 5th -12th October it was total madness. So much went on in this time that I think this will be the biggest blog share of pics ever....hence why I am only updating now....its taken another week to get over it all!!!

Starting off with my beautiful niece Grace....
Another round of surgery for her neck was needed to help release the pressure of the original graft. She is such a brave girl and I am proud to say that the surgery went really well, but its now a waiting game to see how things have gone. She is in hospital today to see the surgeons and get the results. Praying that all is OK for this gorgeous girl!!!

Grace - Photo taken a week before her surgery!!

Matilda finally managed to loose her 2 front teeth!! Through all the madness the tooth fairy still delivered the $$ and I could stop stressing as to thinking that they were never going to fall out. Although she did have a little help with the removal of one of the teeth....her cousin Mitchell decided that a cuddle was in order for her, but managed to punch her in the mouth when wrapping his arms around her.....bye, bye front tooth, hello no Dentist bill ROFL!!!

Matilda and her glam toothless smile!!!
Close teeth just visible!!

Michael and I shared our 5th Wedding Anniversary on October 9th, and what a way to celebrate!! MEGADETH & SLAYER concert......yes I can all see you going OMG, but the tickets were a lovely gesture from our very dear friend Barry Spam-Burger (aka Bernie). Michael has been a HUGE fan of MEGADETH & SLAYER for years, but I have to admit, SLAYER really did my head in!! It was a fab night children to look after and we even managed to have a romantic dinner at McDonalds ROFL!!!

Michael & I at MEGADETH & SLAYER.

MEGADETH in concert!!

After our night out to see MEGADETH, Mick woke to celebrate his 35th Birthday. He had the best sleep in, as no children were here to jump all over him, but in saying that it wasn't the same as past years where little excited faces are beaming at you and screaming HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
We did however manage to get all the kids home so that cake and candles could be shared.

Mick blowing out his birthday candles.

Mick with the 4 ferrals after cake and presents!!

The night of Micks birthday was another concert. I managed to purchase 2 tickets to go and see MARILYN MANSON....OMG what a freak he is!!!
His concert was fantastic, and he is such a crowd pleaser. Mick and I had a fantastic time, but I have to admit, that I was beginning to feel the effects from the concert the night before.


MARILYN MANSON in concert.

And to finish off Miss Ellie has finally had her 1st lot of surgery on her ears. However since the surgery, she has already had a nasty infection in her right ear, and has proved to be the most stubborn child when it comes to taking antibiotics. Its starting to clear up now, but a trip back to the specialist this week will prove weather the grommet is still in place or if we have to go back in and have it done all over again.

I have noticed some small changes since the surgery, but I did learn that she hates the wind with a passion. So a new head band and beanie with some cotton wool seems to do the trick, but the head band is the best thing ever. It allows you to shower/bath her and not have the worry that water is going to get into her ears. Its also a must now when going out....she stops at the door and will ask for it to be put on.
So fingers crossed that from now on its all positive and good news!!

Miss Ellie and her spunky head band!!

Well that's all from me for this post. I have some exciting news to share later today and a couple of layouts. But its almost time to do the kinder run for Kai, so I best be off.

Until next time, take care of you and happy scrapping.

Mwah Karen xox

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Precious Moment.....

I just wanted to share these stunning pictures......they tell such an amazing story!!

My beautiful niece Grace who most of you may know is Autistic, allowed this precious moment to be captured and recorded as such a "HUGE" break through in her communication.

As seen, Grace allowed Caitlan into her world and was sooooo wired to her. Caitlan who is such a gorgeous soul, talks to and respects Grace as a normal child....she is her cousin, so why should she treat her differently??

After these pictures were taken Grace has taken to saying Yove Cate (which in turn means Love Cate). For Grace & Cate, this is such a big milestone in both their worlds, I just hope that many more of these precious moments can be caught and shared with us all.

So to you our gorgeous Grace....Kazz is sooo proud of the amazing milestone that you allowed myself and Cate to be part of.
Continue to grow and show all out there in this big wide world that you are one amazing and special girl.

Until next time take care of you and happy scrapping.

Mwah Karen M xox

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Reveal.....

The time has come to reveal my new venture....

After becoming a DT member for Totally Addicted to Sketch, the very talented and amazing Shell announced that she would be closing the site down if unable to hand over ownership.

With careful consideration, I offered to take over the site and keep it up and running.
The amount of hard work and endless hours that Shell poured into getting it up and running, was something that I could not bare the thought of. It could all have been gone with the push of a button!!

So to all you scrapping people out there that take the time to read my personal blog, please take the time to check out Totally Addicted to Sketch. Its going to remain a fun filled blog with monthly sketches and blog candy.

With an amazing Design Team, I'm sure they will bring endless inspiration, and a style that is unique to themselves. Michell LaPoint Rydell and Melinda Spinks have offered to stay on board as DT and I will also have great pleasure in announcing that Mistra Hoolahan and Selena Pullar are the latest new recruits.

So let the good times roll and here's to hoping that I see you check out my new site.

Until next time, take care of you and happy scrapping.

Mwah Karen M xox

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Changes....

Just a quick post to let you all know that Ready Set Scrap is under maintenance!! Its well overdue for a make over and with the kids on school holidays, I can actually manage the time to sit here and make all those changes!!

Also on another note, I will reveal my new venture that I have taken on. For all that are on Facebook you will already know of this, but stay tuned for the reveal that will come later this week.

Thats all for now, take care of you and until next time, happy scrapping!!

Mwah Karen M xox

Thursday, September 24, 2009

School holidays, layout sharing and a quick update...

Here we are half way through week 1 of the school holidays and the kids are all suffering from cabbin fever (stuck inside with crappy weather). One day its lovely, the next day its terrible.....and "ME" well I am over the holidays already hehehe!!!

I have however managed to scrap another couple of layouts (the joy of holidays, once the kids are asleep I can scrap away in the peace and quiet till all hours of the morning). The first layout of Ellie and Matilda came together really easily. Going back to my comfort zone of bright, some doodling and white CS I am happy with the end result. Poor Ellie has the worst fear of Dog's...but I managed to capture these precious pics of her with Matilda and Mum's gorgeous Whippet Jazz. Jazz is the most gentle natured dog, she loves nothing more than basking in the sun and having the kids poor all the affection they can into her. With some encouragement from Matilda, Ellie managed to sit for some time and offer her gentle hand to Jazz for a pat. I was soooo excited that she managed to do this without the usual ritual of screaming in absolute fear.

If you believe in yourself you will overcome the fear of Dogs

This next layout of Kai was taken 2 days before he turned the BIG '5'.....he has the biggest attitude at the moment, and for some reason always offers the look of mischief when the camera is out!!
Mr Attitude...He's got the look of Mischief

Once again the yearly September Daffodil Festival was on in Kyneton. I love to take the kids each year to watch the Grand Parade that marks the end of the season. The parade consists of local schools, car clubs, social clubs, bands, music and lots more. Here is the girls watching the parade, poor Tilly obviously didn't like the smell of something hehehe!!

Caitlan, Matilda & Ellie

This next photo is one of my favourites from the parade. Pa Jim with Matilda and Ellie, he loves the kids so much and taking the time to stand and watch the parade with both girls hanging on tightly, just shows how much they mean to him.

Matilda, Pa Jim and Ellie.

The Chinese Dragons are always a hit at the parade. The Central Victorian Gold Lion team put on an amazing show. I was fearing the worst with Ellie thinking that the sound from the fire crackers and drums would be too much for her ears, but she was totally amazed at the performance that was going on. Here is the new Dragon that has never performed at the parade before. It has a team of about 15 people operating it from head to tip of the tail and OMG....they are amazing. I will definitely make the trip to Bendigo next Easter for the night show and watch this amazing team perform again.

The Lion team who also operated the large Dragon, did several other performances with the 3 Lions. These were just as amazing, the colors and effort that the teams put into the routines had me amazed.

The Red Lion

Lion Team Performance.

These last 2 pictures are my favourite at the moment. While sitting outside at the sister in laws place I noticed that the pot on the centre of the table was full of little pansy' was on hand and so I started snapping away (these are the best 2 of about 20). I changed the camera over to manual and played around with the settings to end up with this....

Anyhow its raining here and the kids are getting noisy and bored, so I must be off to see what I can find to entertain them for the rest of the day.

Until next time take care of you and happy scrapping.

Mwah Karen M xox

Monday, September 21, 2009

Lots to share......

OMG its term 3 school holidays and about 90 days until Christmas......where has this year gone??? Seriously I can not believe how fast things are moving at the moment.

Well since my last post the 2 piles of material have been successfully turned into 16 Octopus costumes. The girls school concert was fantastic, all the grade levels put so much effort into their designated theme. The overall theme for the concert was Super Troupers a dedication to all the Musicals. Matilda's prep class did the theme of The Little Mermaid...they were just so cute!! Unfortunately I do not have any photos to share as of yet, but rest assured I will get hold of some and post for you all to see. Caitlan's class did Mary Poppins.....and I have to say that the effort my Mum put into making her a real Mary Poppins shirt and skirt was amazing {thanks a million Mum xox}.

Onto some layouts that I thought I had shared....seems I shared them on facebook, but not on here, anyhow here they are.....

Girl Friends.

Let Your Mind....FLY

Why Do I Love You?

Best Friends.

The Adventure of a New Journey.


Well its rather late here and I should be in bed getting some much needed zzzzz's, so until next time take care of you and happy scrapping/

Mwah Karen M xox

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Just thought I would share some pics since my scrapping has been put on hold.

With the girls School concert coming up this month, I was kindly nominated by Matilda (our cheeky 6 year old daughter) that Mummy was very creative and would help with the making of costumes. Yep 16 Octopus costumes required for the preps school concert performance. So what did I say...oh yeah no probs, I can manage that (insert scream and OMG how am I going to do this??) So here is the color scheme for the costumes....however I have since managed to complete 12 of the outfits since taking this photo. Its actually been nice to get the sewing machine out and playing with something different. I will say though, that they are coming together better than I planned, and me not being biast think that they will be the best looking lot of Octopus's!!!
I will upload photos of the completed stay tuned for the reveal!!

Boys 4 colors on top of pile.

Girls 4 colors on top of pile.

These next pic's I just had to share. Our Caitlan and her best friend Caitlin had a play date/sleepover weekend. Its was so nice to see the girls playing so well together. Since kinder they have remained best friends and are rarely separated while at School. Our Caitlan came and asked if Mummy could take some pics of them could I say no??

Best friends forever. Caitlan and Caitlin

Anyhow that's all I have to share at the moment.
So until next time take care of you and happy scrapping.

Mwah Karen xox

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More to share...

Just thought that I would update some of my latest work.

I recently found this amazing little site Sweeties Sketches, its run by Shell Barnard who creates some really great sketches. I was the lucky winner for the month of July using the sketch below to create the layout Dora's Number One Fan.

Dora's Number One Fan

This is another sketch from Sweeties Sketches for the month of August. I am so happy with the end result of this layout and after I submitted it to Shell, I received an email asking if I would be interested in becoming part of her new Design Team!! The new blog is due to be launched in September (however if you would like a sneak peak of the 1st sketch on offer then follow the link Totally Addicted to Sketch)

Your Time to Shine is Now.

Anyhow that's all for now, should have some more to share with you soon!!

Take care of you and until next time Happy Scrapping.

Mwah Karen xoxo

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sore feet....but amazing results

Its late, I'm tired, have sore feet....but just so excited to share these new pics!! Today was my course with Martin Bonnici from Melbourne's Photography Made Easy. What a blast....I have discovered so much more to the world of photography, but to discover it all in the city I live...beyond words!!!

So many simple yet easy (hence the name of the course) techniques to capture amazing photos has given me a whole new world to explore. Simply by making a change to the ISO setting, switching from auto to manual, slowing the shutter speed and forcing the camera to do what you want left me speechless!!

So here is a handful of my favourite pics that I captured today. I have altered some of these pics using the camera and some using PSE Lightroom.

I hope that anyone given the opportunity to undertake the day course with Marty does...its well worth the time, effort and sore feet (lol) to learn all the aspects of your camera. Weather you own a simple point and shoot to a full on SLR, you can achieve amazing results....but it also allows you to unleash the photographer inside!!

Until next time, take care of you and happy scrapping.

Mwah Karen xxx