Monday, October 19, 2009

My week of madness.....

What a week.....

From the 5th -12th October it was total madness. So much went on in this time that I think this will be the biggest blog share of pics ever....hence why I am only updating now....its taken another week to get over it all!!!

Starting off with my beautiful niece Grace....
Another round of surgery for her neck was needed to help release the pressure of the original graft. She is such a brave girl and I am proud to say that the surgery went really well, but its now a waiting game to see how things have gone. She is in hospital today to see the surgeons and get the results. Praying that all is OK for this gorgeous girl!!!

Grace - Photo taken a week before her surgery!!

Matilda finally managed to loose her 2 front teeth!! Through all the madness the tooth fairy still delivered the $$ and I could stop stressing as to thinking that they were never going to fall out. Although she did have a little help with the removal of one of the teeth....her cousin Mitchell decided that a cuddle was in order for her, but managed to punch her in the mouth when wrapping his arms around her.....bye, bye front tooth, hello no Dentist bill ROFL!!!

Matilda and her glam toothless smile!!!
Close teeth just visible!!

Michael and I shared our 5th Wedding Anniversary on October 9th, and what a way to celebrate!! MEGADETH & SLAYER concert......yes I can all see you going OMG, but the tickets were a lovely gesture from our very dear friend Barry Spam-Burger (aka Bernie). Michael has been a HUGE fan of MEGADETH & SLAYER for years, but I have to admit, SLAYER really did my head in!! It was a fab night children to look after and we even managed to have a romantic dinner at McDonalds ROFL!!!

Michael & I at MEGADETH & SLAYER.

MEGADETH in concert!!

After our night out to see MEGADETH, Mick woke to celebrate his 35th Birthday. He had the best sleep in, as no children were here to jump all over him, but in saying that it wasn't the same as past years where little excited faces are beaming at you and screaming HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
We did however manage to get all the kids home so that cake and candles could be shared.

Mick blowing out his birthday candles.

Mick with the 4 ferrals after cake and presents!!

The night of Micks birthday was another concert. I managed to purchase 2 tickets to go and see MARILYN MANSON....OMG what a freak he is!!!
His concert was fantastic, and he is such a crowd pleaser. Mick and I had a fantastic time, but I have to admit, that I was beginning to feel the effects from the concert the night before.


MARILYN MANSON in concert.

And to finish off Miss Ellie has finally had her 1st lot of surgery on her ears. However since the surgery, she has already had a nasty infection in her right ear, and has proved to be the most stubborn child when it comes to taking antibiotics. Its starting to clear up now, but a trip back to the specialist this week will prove weather the grommet is still in place or if we have to go back in and have it done all over again.

I have noticed some small changes since the surgery, but I did learn that she hates the wind with a passion. So a new head band and beanie with some cotton wool seems to do the trick, but the head band is the best thing ever. It allows you to shower/bath her and not have the worry that water is going to get into her ears. Its also a must now when going out....she stops at the door and will ask for it to be put on.
So fingers crossed that from now on its all positive and good news!!

Miss Ellie and her spunky head band!!

Well that's all from me for this post. I have some exciting news to share later today and a couple of layouts. But its almost time to do the kinder run for Kai, so I best be off.

Until next time, take care of you and happy scrapping.

Mwah Karen xox

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