Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My return to blogging...

So where have I been....hmm I have just returned from a round the world cruise, If only it was true!!

I am still here, just not on here. Its been the most busy, hectic stressful, happy, sad last few months, that time did not prevail for me to actually sit and fill you in on whats been happening.

As some of you are aware, I am on facebook and found that being in contact with my many friends & family on there was enough to keep you all posted as to whats happening in my life and with my scrapping.

So what has been happening???

December 2008 - The birthdays of my 2 oldest girls. Caitlan turned 7 (21/12/2008) and completed grade 1 and Matilda turned 6 (24/12/2008) and completed her 1st year of Prep.
Christmas was a blur, it arrived and left so quickly that I can't really remember it. But I should remember it as the kids are always laughing and having a great time on the new trampoline.

January 2009 - The arrival of the New Year...We took the kids into Federation Square in the city for the early fireworks display. Since train travel was free, we decided that it would be a nice outing for the kids. That was short lived, Caitlan stood in awe watching the display while Matilda burst into tears from the sound, Kai thought it was fantastic as it sounded like machine guns and Ellie clung to my hip and buried her head in total fright. However in saying that I enjoyed myself.
School Holidays were quiet...well not quiet with 4 kids in the house, being bored shit less but money is tight and the weather dropped a couple of doozie hot days on us, so we spent a lot of time at home. I did however manage to scrap quite a bit (I will load some layouts soon) and spent lots of time with the kids doing nothing.
The end of January was a sad time for us with 3 deaths in 5 days. I received a call to tell me that a family member had committed suicide on the Australia day long weekend, Mum then called me to say that my Uncle had passed away and an old school friend lost her mother very suddenly. That totally flawed me...I don't handle deaths very well....I suppose nobody does really, but 3 in 5 days was more than I could take on board.

February 2009 - My cousins wedding 07/02/2009.......this is a day that I think everyone will remember for a long time to come - Black Saturday.
We were down Bairnsdale way for the wedding with 46 degree heat and the worst northerly winds you could possibly imagine. The wedding was great, I managed to catch up with some family that I had not seen in quite some time and I was also blessed to meet the latest arrival of Poppy, Allan and Annie's beautiful baby girl.
With the devastation of the fires burning throughout Victoria, we were unable to make our trip home from the wedding as planned. Most roads & major freeways were closed making it almost impossible to get back. I was beginning to panic as the 4 kids were with friends in Epping and here we were stuck...300kms away and nothing we could do. I am so grateful that the friends the kids were staying with, had them all under control and told us to wait it out and return when it was safe.
My dear friend and her husband lost everything, house, cars, all their worldly possessions, but manage to escape with a handful of treasured possessions and the clothes on their backs. Hearing their voices after this terrible devastation made me realise how lucky they were. They are still here to tell the tale, unlike so many other unfortunate victims.

Today - The kids are all returned to school for another year, Kai has commenced 4 year old Kindergarten, Ellie has just turned 3 (22/02/2009) and I am slowly coming out from the blanket of fog that has taken over my everyday life.

That's about it in a doubt I have forgotten something, but bare with me while I make my return to blogging.

To Everyone out there that has suffered from the bushfire's, through to the floods in Queensland, hold your heads high and know that everyone in this household is thinking of you and we wish you all a safe road to recovery.

Until next time, stay safe and happy scrapping. Karen xxx

(Will load some layouts in the next day or two)