Thursday, July 31, 2008

Playing with the "BUG"

I have finally had the chance to play with my new Cuttlebug.......and OMG I can't get enough of it!! I found myself pulling out all sorts of scrap paper and running it through to see what effect I could achieve.

After coming across some scrap bazzil bling, I thought hmmm wonder what the bling will look like and well I'm "SOLD". As you can see I created this small card, which took about 5 minutes to make, but looks ever so elegant.

There is soooo much you can do with the Cuttlebug, that I thought about putting some flowers through. I knew papers flowers worked a treat, but what about some felt flowers?? If you are looking for a really different effect, then run some felt flowers through and see for yourself how well they turn out!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Forgot to post the layout!!

Sorry forgot to add the latest layout that I have done. This layout is one of the Elsie 52 week challenges that Penny Hackney posts each week at The Scrap Witch.
Challenge #24 was to use White Cardstock as the background and since I love using white cardstock, I thought its about time I had a go at these weekly challenges!!

A quick update!!

OK, was about due that I posted an update as to whats been happening!!
This last week has seen a few new additions to my scrapping world, along with the purchase of some new white goods for the house.

For "ME".............A new printer, an Epson Stylus PHOTO RX610 and the photo quality is just amazing. After waiting soooo long I decided that I couldn't hold off any longer and just had to have one. The quality is almost as good as professionally printed pictures, but now when I need that one off picture, no more running out the door to Hardley Normals to get it printed!!

The next purchase was my very own green Spunkalicious CuttleBUG!! After reading a number of reviews and hearing a fair amount about them, I decided that I just had to have one. Honestly its Mistra & Selena's fault. Selena was her usual gorgeous self, trying to convince Mick to give me the money for no avail he didn't cough up the $$$$ but thanks for trying Selena, and Mistra keeps showing me all these amazing things that she has done with her "BUG", So I did it!!

Hmmmm what else do I have to tell you all??? Oh yes a new fan dangle Washing Machine was also on my shopping list and that arrived last Thursday. Another thing I would not have purchased if it had not been for the wonderful Selena.......I swear this chick should right a book on where to locate bargains and how to seek out the best in what you want to purchase. Selena provided me with details on where to locate the reviews via the net and also spoke of her personal experience. Once again, thanks Selena.....I appreciate what you do for me!!

And one last thing was a new chest freezer for the laundry, oh how nice it is to have room in the Kitchen one. After years of pushing and shoving everything possible into the small one, I had had enough. Yesterday was the last straw and I marched out the door and bought one. So now my laundry looks amazing with the new washer, dryer (its not very old) and the deep freeze....I feel like a queen with all the new white goods!!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weekend Cyber Crop at Scrap Witch

So how do you finish off 2 weeks of school holidays........Scrapping online with the girls at Scrap Witch for the monthly Cyber Crop.

Almost completed all 4 layouts, but the last challenge is still a work in progress.......once finished I will post it on here.

I was also the lucky winner of the July Cyber Crop prize pack with the layout of "Whats Within". The talent that has emerged from Scrap Witch is growing ever so much and I feel very honoured to have been selected from the famous "Plastic Cup" that the Scrap Witch master uses for the selecting the monthly winner.

So here are the Layouts of the challenges:

"Whats Within"

Just U!!

Cate's Seven Wonders.
So what else is going on.........Well I am off on another holiday!! Yep thats right Perth here I come again!! Heading over early September for a lovely 6 day break will be just what I need before the rush of Birthdays and Christmas.
Speaking of Birthdays, not long now until my little man will be turning "4".........OMG how 4 years has gone so quickly. I should be making invitations for his birthday to hand out to his kinder friends and organising some sort of party!! Apparently he wants a "Batman" party.....not sure how to go about this one, but with an array of "Batman" products out there, I'm sure that I will come up with something.
Anyhow school holidays are over and I should be making beds and putting another load of washing on, So take care, thanks for looking, and happy scrapping in the mean time.
Mwah Karen.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Another Teaser!!!!

Just another little teaser for you all to look at and wonder what it really looks like!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sneak Peak of July DT Work!!

As promised here are a few sneak peaks of a current DT project that I am working on. It contains lots of "BLING" and is ever soooo girly!!

So for all you scrappers out there looking for the perfect girly layout or project, then keep an eye on this space for when the finished product is revealed.

Until next time, thanks for looking and "happy scrapping"!!!

Finally what the sneak peaks look like!!!

So I have finally found some spare time to upload the full pictures of the layouts that I created for last months DT work at MaDscraps.

Since you have most probably seen them via the latest newsletter I decided to keep you all enticed with a few sneak peaks of a new project that I am working on. Keep your eyes peeled as I will post the sneak peaks soon.

Thanks for looking and until next time, happy scrapping and keep well!!!

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