Thursday, July 31, 2008

Playing with the "BUG"

I have finally had the chance to play with my new Cuttlebug.......and OMG I can't get enough of it!! I found myself pulling out all sorts of scrap paper and running it through to see what effect I could achieve.

After coming across some scrap bazzil bling, I thought hmmm wonder what the bling will look like and well I'm "SOLD". As you can see I created this small card, which took about 5 minutes to make, but looks ever so elegant.

There is soooo much you can do with the Cuttlebug, that I thought about putting some flowers through. I knew papers flowers worked a treat, but what about some felt flowers?? If you are looking for a really different effect, then run some felt flowers through and see for yourself how well they turn out!!

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Leah said...

Hi Karen, just checking out your blog after reading the address at Aussie. I love your layouts and really take my hat off to you with your four young kids - I only have 2 and struggle for time, patience, sanity etc etc. Anyway, I will mark your blog as favourite and keep catching up. Leah.