Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More to share...

Just thought that I would update some of my latest work.

I recently found this amazing little site Sweeties Sketches, its run by Shell Barnard who creates some really great sketches. I was the lucky winner for the month of July using the sketch below to create the layout Dora's Number One Fan.

Dora's Number One Fan

This is another sketch from Sweeties Sketches for the month of August. I am so happy with the end result of this layout and after I submitted it to Shell, I received an email asking if I would be interested in becoming part of her new Design Team!! The new blog is due to be launched in September (however if you would like a sneak peak of the 1st sketch on offer then follow the link Totally Addicted to Sketch)

Your Time to Shine is Now.

Anyhow that's all for now, should have some more to share with you soon!!

Take care of you and until next time Happy Scrapping.

Mwah Karen xoxo

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sore feet....but amazing results

Its late, I'm tired, have sore feet....but just so excited to share these new pics!! Today was my course with Martin Bonnici from Melbourne's Photography Made Easy. What a blast....I have discovered so much more to the world of photography, but to discover it all in the city I live...beyond words!!!

So many simple yet easy (hence the name of the course) techniques to capture amazing photos has given me a whole new world to explore. Simply by making a change to the ISO setting, switching from auto to manual, slowing the shutter speed and forcing the camera to do what you want left me speechless!!

So here is a handful of my favourite pics that I captured today. I have altered some of these pics using the camera and some using PSE Lightroom.

I hope that anyone given the opportunity to undertake the day course with Marty does...its well worth the time, effort and sore feet (lol) to learn all the aspects of your camera. Weather you own a simple point and shoot to a full on SLR, you can achieve amazing results....but it also allows you to unleash the photographer inside!!

Until next time, take care of you and happy scrapping.

Mwah Karen xxx

Friday, August 14, 2009

All growing up...

Just though I would share the latest pics of my beautiful kids. Since the purchase of my new Nikon SLR D60 camera, its turned into something more. I can't help myself, the kids are starting to become a little...enough with the camera Mum, but hey, they only little for so long!!

So snapping away and then playing with lightroom, here is what I have...

Caitlan (aged7)

Matilda (aged 6)

Kai (aged 5)

Ellie (aged 3)

Thats all for now....

Until next time take care of you and happy scrapping!!

Mwah Karen xxx

Moving Ahead....

Well another month has passed and here I am again, feeling terrible that I have not updated my poor neglected blog!!

There is so much to tell....

Firstly my beautiful boy Kai turned 5 on the 10th August....where has 5 years gone??? He is such a little man now and looking back at all the photographs I have, made me realise how lucky I am to have such an amazing boy. As troublesome as he is, I would not change a single thing.

Our littlest bubba Miss Ellie has been through the works with Doctors, Audiologists & Specialists...we finally got the diagnosis for her ever so loud voice and inability to speak clearly. My heart was broken to find out that she is moderately Deaf. I suppose for some time now I have known that something was just not right, but to find out the extent of what has to be done to hopefully try and correct her hearing is going to be a long road. But with the knowing of support that she has from Myself and Michael, she will be fine. There is so much on offer these days for kids with this sort of problem that once she starts the surgery round, then speech therapy and occupational therapy we should hopefully have our quiet little bubba back...fingers crossed hehehe!!!

Me....I am going back to school!! Yep you heard right, 10 years ago was the last time I stepped into a classroom. After some careful thinking and asking myself what I want to do with my life (apart from being a Mum) I have had this constant niggle of doing something more with my Photography skills. So September 7th is D-day, back to school to complete a basic course in Digital Photography at the local Tafe. Being night school allowed me to not have the hassle and worry of child care for the kids but also allows me the freedom to complete the course at times that suited my everyday life. I will update about this more once School has started.

I am also mega excited about tomorrow...I am going to do the one day course with Martin Bonnici of Melbournes Photography Made Easy. Will post more to this once I have completed the course.

Anyhow just got a call and have to fly out for a bit. Have some scrapping LO's to share and more OTP items that I made for a couple of babies. Will endeavour to be back later today to post (don't hold you breath though!!! ROFL).

Until then, take care of you and happy scrapping!!

Mwah Karen xxx