Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sore feet....but amazing results

Its late, I'm tired, have sore feet....but just so excited to share these new pics!! Today was my course with Martin Bonnici from Melbourne's Photography Made Easy. What a blast....I have discovered so much more to the world of photography, but to discover it all in the city I live...beyond words!!!

So many simple yet easy (hence the name of the course) techniques to capture amazing photos has given me a whole new world to explore. Simply by making a change to the ISO setting, switching from auto to manual, slowing the shutter speed and forcing the camera to do what you want left me speechless!!

So here is a handful of my favourite pics that I captured today. I have altered some of these pics using the camera and some using PSE Lightroom.

I hope that anyone given the opportunity to undertake the day course with Marty does...its well worth the time, effort and sore feet (lol) to learn all the aspects of your camera. Weather you own a simple point and shoot to a full on SLR, you can achieve amazing results....but it also allows you to unleash the photographer inside!!

Until next time, take care of you and happy scrapping.

Mwah Karen xxx


Trisha said...

Oh Karen, gorgeous photos and kiddos! And congrats on being able to go back to school...I seem to remember we are close in age and I'm so excited to be going back too! I'd love to take a photo class (haven't since high school)...I know I can do so much more with my point and shoot but need someone to show me!

Karen said...

Hey Trish, thanks for the lovely comments. Yeah school...its a new journey that I am undertaking and really looking forward too. Hope you are well and all the best with your new school journey. Mwah Karen xox