Thursday, October 8, 2009

Precious Moment.....

I just wanted to share these stunning pictures......they tell such an amazing story!!

My beautiful niece Grace who most of you may know is Autistic, allowed this precious moment to be captured and recorded as such a "HUGE" break through in her communication.

As seen, Grace allowed Caitlan into her world and was sooooo wired to her. Caitlan who is such a gorgeous soul, talks to and respects Grace as a normal child....she is her cousin, so why should she treat her differently??

After these pictures were taken Grace has taken to saying Yove Cate (which in turn means Love Cate). For Grace & Cate, this is such a big milestone in both their worlds, I just hope that many more of these precious moments can be caught and shared with us all.

So to you our gorgeous Grace....Kazz is sooo proud of the amazing milestone that you allowed myself and Cate to be part of.
Continue to grow and show all out there in this big wide world that you are one amazing and special girl.

Until next time take care of you and happy scrapping.

Mwah Karen M xox

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Brenda said...

What a special moment that was, I hope they continue to connect and develop a very special relationship.

Thanks so much for your lovely comment, I would love to make a some snowflakes for your children, do they have a favourite colour?

Send me an email.

Lots of hugs Brenda