Monday, September 21, 2009

Lots to share......

OMG its term 3 school holidays and about 90 days until Christmas......where has this year gone??? Seriously I can not believe how fast things are moving at the moment.

Well since my last post the 2 piles of material have been successfully turned into 16 Octopus costumes. The girls school concert was fantastic, all the grade levels put so much effort into their designated theme. The overall theme for the concert was Super Troupers a dedication to all the Musicals. Matilda's prep class did the theme of The Little Mermaid...they were just so cute!! Unfortunately I do not have any photos to share as of yet, but rest assured I will get hold of some and post for you all to see. Caitlan's class did Mary Poppins.....and I have to say that the effort my Mum put into making her a real Mary Poppins shirt and skirt was amazing {thanks a million Mum xox}.

Onto some layouts that I thought I had shared....seems I shared them on facebook, but not on here, anyhow here they are.....

Girl Friends.

Let Your Mind....FLY

Why Do I Love You?

Best Friends.

The Adventure of a New Journey.


Well its rather late here and I should be in bed getting some much needed zzzzz's, so until next time take care of you and happy scrapping/

Mwah Karen M xox

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Penny said...

Some beautiful pages there Karen!
"Best Friends is just divine. Recognised the first one straight away as the Sept Sweeties sketch - thanks to you I discovered their site and have been doing them as well! Mine is on my blog.