Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Just thought I would share some pics since my scrapping has been put on hold.

With the girls School concert coming up this month, I was kindly nominated by Matilda (our cheeky 6 year old daughter) that Mummy was very creative and would help with the making of costumes. Yep 16 Octopus costumes required for the preps school concert performance. So what did I say...oh yeah no probs, I can manage that (insert scream and OMG how am I going to do this??) So here is the color scheme for the costumes....however I have since managed to complete 12 of the outfits since taking this photo. Its actually been nice to get the sewing machine out and playing with something different. I will say though, that they are coming together better than I planned, and me not being biast think that they will be the best looking lot of Octopus's!!!
I will upload photos of the completed costumes.....so stay tuned for the reveal!!

Boys 4 colors on top of pile.

Girls 4 colors on top of pile.

These next pic's I just had to share. Our Caitlan and her best friend Caitlin had a play date/sleepover weekend. Its was so nice to see the girls playing so well together. Since kinder they have remained best friends and are rarely separated while at School. Our Caitlan came and asked if Mummy could take some pics of them together.....how could I say no??

Best friends forever. Caitlan and Caitlin

Anyhow that's all I have to share at the moment.
So until next time take care of you and happy scrapping.

Mwah Karen xox


Penny said...

Oh wow - they could pass as sisters!!! Lovely photos Karen.
Glad it's you and not me making all those octopus costumes....can't wait to see them finished!

Josie Dean said...

haha I was thinking the same as Penny!
They could be twins!
Waiting for a photo of the octopus costums!

Karen said...

Thanks girls....yeah they could pass as twins, they share so much in common that being best friends is only the start.

The Octopus costumes are coming along really well. ALmost finished...will share pics soon.
Mwah Karen xox