Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Crash.....


My Week didn't start out very well...I was the unfortunate victim of being rear ended in the car on Monday lunchtime.
I was sitting stationary behind another car ready to turn right at the roundabout when this moron decided that he would use the back of my car as his point of impact to stop!!

And F*#K did he hit me hard....hard enough to slam me into the arse of the car in front of me. Talk about being the meat between the 2 slices of bread.

Luckily however I only had little Ellie with me in the car...normally I would have had all 4 children with me (Cate & Tilly in the back), but Kai had just been dropped off to Kinder and the girls were at school. Ellie however resulted in a ambulance ride to the Northern Hospital, just to be on the safe side. The impact was hard enough to take the wind from her sails and make her I'm talking gasp and gasp and gasp, I was like...take a breath Ellie. She is however fine, its me with the whiplash. Thank god to the person that invented seat belts. I reckon I would have kissed the windscreen had I not been wearing a seat belt.

Anyhow $6K damage to my car...and that's just for starters, will have to wait and see what is underneath, 2 weeks in the repair shop and some serious walking for me and the kids.

Here are a few pics...they don't show the true extent of the damage, but the car will need new bonnet, tailgate, front and rear bars and whatever else is broken and needs replacing.

Until next time, take care...mwah Karen xxx

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