Saturday, November 29, 2008

Last days of the 20's......

OMG with only 3 more days left of my 20's, I am staring down the barrel of the daunting big "30"!!
So much has happened during my 20's and its only now when I think about it, that I realise how much has happened.
It all started with the milestone of "21", watching, nursing & losing Dad to cancer, watched my Mum become happy again (thanks Jim), meet the man of my dreams (cough) was blessed with becoming a mother to 4 beautiful children (cough, cough), married the man of my dreams (cough, cough again!!), made friends, lost friends, took the good times with the bad and have now become the person that I am today.
So how do we celebrate seeing out the 20's and welcoming the 30's??? A Grand party is the order of the day. With my actual coronation on Tuesday 02/12/08 (meaning my birthday), I decided that a party with a theme was what I wanted!! With months of planning....well I best be honest, with a week or two of planning, a party has been set for Dusk on the 6th December.
With a Medieval theme, spit roast, marque in the back yard, karaoke (never a real party without it) and numerous invites sent out, it has actually given me something to look forward to....its sort of taken the brunt of the whole big turning "30" thing lol!!!
I will also be blessed with the presence of an amazing friend that is taking the time to travel from the other side of Australia just to help celebrate my birthday.
Ok enough on the whole birthday thing, what else has been happening......this last 2 months has been a time of laughs, tears, heartache and anything else you want to throw into the mix.
With the terrible accident of my niece, she has been through a journey that I would not wish upon anyone. Her recovery is a slow and painful one and my heart just breaks, but all my prayers are with her (God bless you Grace).
Family issues have been rearing their ugly heads, leaving me in two minds as to where I stand in the firing line. My beliefs/morals have had a major impact on the way in which I see things and unfortunately disagreements have been had.
The kids are all well. School is winding up for another year and preparations for the girls to start a new year at school are being organised. Caitlan will move into Grade 2 (OMG...shock) and Matilda will repeat another year of Prep to help her get her levels up before moving into Grade 1. Kindergarten is also winding up for Kai, and he has the new year ahead starting 4 year old. Ellie will stay at home for another year with me as her speech/ability to communicate is not ready for 3 year old Kindergarten. Having just Ellie at home with me, will allow me the time I need to help develop her speech and to also get her prepared for what is expected.
Now to finish up, here is a layout that I did last night....yep finally managed to create something, simple but enough to get the mojo happening.

Until next time, thanks for looking, take care of you and see you in the 30's hehehe!!!
Mwah Karen xx

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