Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm back....

After some much needed time out, I have finally managed to make it back to the cyber world!!

With a lonesome desk staring at me, the scrapping bug took hold and I somehow managed to create this LO tonight. Using a Hambly Screen Print, I decided to challenge myself and not use any PP or C/S as the base of the layout. With 2 phone calls to the West today, Mistra gave me the inspiration that I needed to start scrapping again. Its been almost 6 weeks since I sat and scrapped properly and the feeling I have now of actually finishing a layout is amazing.

Wanting to know how to scan/photograph a layout that was made using the screen print, Mistra was the person I knew would have the answer I needed. I have to say though the LO looks a lot better IRL, as I had to use white C/S behind it so that it would scan. Its not the best scan of the LO....however at this time of night....I mean morning, I am calling it a day and hitting the sack for some much needed zzzzzz's!!

Love this chick always
Anyhow thanks for looking, take care of you and until next time happy scrapping.
Karen xx


Mistra said...

I love it... the colours are wicked, and you so know they appeal to me! Bright and hip... just like you to gals!! Can't wait to meet Angel in Dec... not long now!!

Nes said...

Gorgeous always!!