Monday, April 14, 2008

Quiet Weekend

Well I managed to have a semi quiet weekend. Mick was away with work (BMW) and the kids & I stayed home for most of it.

Saturday was spent at Mums place, and the kids had a blast playing with Pa!! It was nice that all the kids got to see Nanny & Pa, as usually Cate & Tilly are at school or Pa is working.

On the way to Mums I decided that I needed to re-live a part of my life that I have not lived for almost 8 years!!! Yep I decided to call past the Bush block at Lancefield and see the Bush Crew.
Unfortunately they were not there..........I was shattered as it took a bit to get the nerve up to actually call past there again. The Bush Crew are friends from my previous relationship and I was unsure as to how they would be with me. We never parted on bad terms, just that they still see the ex and his family and I didn't want to tread where I maybe wasn't welcome. Anyhow I managed to phone them and feel heaps better now as they have said that they would love for me to call past again and catch up on 8 years.

Yep 8 much has happened in that 8 years!! Dad past away after a brave battle with cancer, I moved to Melbourne, meet and married Michael, Mum got re-married, I had 4 beautiful children to Michael, and now here I am!!!

So Anzac Day weekend I plan to call past and see them. I am so looking forward to seeing them all and catching up on some old times that we shared.

Anyhow enough from me, must get a wiggle on as the shopping needs doing and the housework needs finishing.

Oh and here is another Layout that I have completed!!!

Matilda's 4th Birthday layout for her Biography 101 Album.

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