Friday, March 28, 2008

Time to start blogging!!

So now its time to start blogging properly!!!

So where do I about I start from today and work from there.
Its almost the end of the first week of school holidays for the kids and only another week of them at home before I can start to breath a sigh of relief. With all the rain that we have had this week, the kids have been unable to go & play outside, keeping them inside is sending me crazy!!! They are getting bored a lot easier and a lot faster, so trying to find activities to keep them amused has been quite a challenge.

Speaking of challenges, we have just had Kai assessed with the Paediatrician for his behavior problems. OMG what a day that was, he decided to really turn up the heat and thankfully they got to see his "TRUE" colors.
I took some information with me regarding ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) and was suprised that the Pead actually thought that we may have hit the nail on the head.
So starting Monday a new diet will be in place here and not just for Kai, I have decided that we are all going to take on a new outlook and hopefully we will see some changes.


Mistra said...

Welcome to the blogging world darl!! You'll have fun, but remember you have the the right to not post each day, week, month... whatever!! Although we might be annoying you for updates if it was only each month!!

Have fun with it you sprout!!

Jac said...

Well done Karen, hope you get to your blog more than I get to mine.

How's the diet going and WTG Paed.