Sunday, July 12, 2009

Soooo Neglected!!!

My poor blog...its been sooo neglected for the past few months, that I really need to give myself a big kick in the pants and keep it updated.

I have so much to share....everything from layouts, OTP items to whats been happening in my crazy world. But where to start is the next question.

Its a bit late (well only 2:15am) so I might leave the updating until tomorrow!!

Night all and watch this space for all that I have to share.

Mwah Karen M xxx

1 comment:

Miss Would said...

Said I would look you up and I remebered your blog address! You have some gorgeous layouts, I love your style - very intricate but at the same time not at all cluttered.

Here is the addy for my new blog, with all of 2 posts.