Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just an update

OMG October already......where has this year gone???

School holidays are drawing to a close and I am sooooo grateful that the kids are back to school and kinder on Monday!! Cabbin Fever has started to kick in and the kids are becoming a little on edge with each other. Routines are up the shit, Mick is away with work, the purse $$$ are tight and I could do with another trip away LOL!!!

I did however manage a day out with the kids yesterday with a trip over to my Uncle and Aunts place in Dixons Creek (Yarra Valley). The kids had a blast, plenty of fresh air, room to run and the sun shining proved a fab day out. My Uncle Tommy was fantastic spending so much time with the kids and they had the joy of feeding the sheep, the fish (they have a fish pond that looks like a swimming pool) and generally just being able to run and not be stressed about anything. So here are a few pics that I captured yesterday:

Feeding the sheep

Feeding the fish
Mucking about with Uncle Tommy
Uncle Tommy tackled by the kids
The kids thinking it was hilarious!!
So thats about it from me at the moment, need to print some pics off and start scrapping....been soooo slack with scrapping this last week that the desk is looking a little lonely!!
Until next time, thanks for looking, take care of you and happy scrapping!!
Mwah Karen xx

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